All forms of racism is wrong


I was talking to someone and they thought my point of view is a hatred of white people. I began to think do people really see that because I oppose oppression and want equal rights for those who don’t receive it ?
Maybe I  need to clarify.
I can’t hate someone for something they have no control over such as skin color. I honestly don’t. It’s like doing the same thing I’m against. At One point I  had to reevaluate where my anger was directed and in the beginning, it was in the wrong direction. I had to do a self check.  I’m flawed and I’ll admit that. Sometimes you have to check yourself before you wreck yourself.
I can’t hate all white people for the actions of a few. I can’t hate any white person because it would go against my faith. But I can be against a system that doesn’t hold all people accountable at the same standards because of skin color. Someone I know had told me she almost was ashamed of being white after seeing Selma. I honestly felt hurt, because I would not want anyone to be ashamed of who they are. You are who God created you to be and if you’re white, then be beautifully white the way God made you.
I want us to be treated as equal. I don’t want to feel inferior nor do I want any white person to feel ashamed. I want white people to see that anti-white supremacy is not anti-white, anti-police brutality is not anti-police, pro-black is not anti-white, black lives matter doesn’t mean all lives do not matter. People are not protesting against white people, but for the right to be treated as a human being, to have murderers held accountable, to receive the same justice as their white counter parts.
So again, I’m not anti-white, I am anti-injustice.


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