Hey It’s Me, AL!


I’m a just an unashamed Christian and unapologetic black lady navigating through this thing we call life. The good, bad, up, down up the street and round the corner kind of life.

In 2014 when I started this blog originally, I was a new wife and soon to be mom. I named this blog 8 Arms and Counting because 2 arms really aren’t enough when you’re a Christian, a Woman, Black, Louisiana Creole, a Wife, a Mom, a Teacher, a Student, a Servant, an Organizer, a Chef, a Nurse, a Hairstylist, and many other things many that many women do. I didn’t know what direction I wanted my blog to go in.

Looking back at some of my older posts, I often thought of deleting them because they may seem a bit too much, but then I thought about moments where God has used my moments of weakness as my testimony. There are moments where I have expressed deep hurt over social issues that effect my community and have spoken from a place of bitterness. There have been moments when I was able to see God in those hard times. Reflecting on those times, I have realized that I am just human trying to figure out God’s purpose, and doing my best to walk in the path He has set before me without messing it up too bad.

In my blog, I hope to inspire a believer struggling in their journey while following Christ in an ever changing world. I hope to encourage that mom who just needs a break from being everything to everyone and not enough to herself. I hope to motivate that wife who is trying to be submissive to her husband in a growing market of women in leadership. I hope to change the way we look at education and how we incorporate diversity into education as well as how we develop our children.

I know that our society wants us to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and act like we got it all together. But to be honest, life isn’t like the 76th Instagram photo you took that looks like your life is perfect. It’s more like the 75 other snaps you took that just didn’t go quite right no matter how much you cropped and tried to place a filter on it.

Now let’s get on this journey of learning from our past, living in the present and creating a future we want to see.

God bless

Job 11:18 (NIV) “You will be secure, because there is hope; you will look about you and take your rest in safety.”


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